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In this section you’ll find information for publishers, editors, and agents interested in acquiring translation rights to our titles. We would be delighted to provide further information such as reviews or a book prospectus in English or a reading copy of any foreign-rights title you would like to consider. Many of our books have received Geisteswissenschaften International awards, which come with complete funding of the translation from German. Please contact us for details on this program or other possible subsidies.

Follow this link to download the current Foreign Rights Guide (pdf) with upcoming books and recent highlights for which translation rights are available. See also two separate lists presenting our series »Studies in the History of Violence« and the »kleine reihe«—hardcover, vest-pocket volumes with texts that address today’s controversies, reinterpret theories, or revisit historical issues. Please also have a look at our list of backlist titles of special interest for international readers (pdf).

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Foreign Rights
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September 2021
248 pages
ca 73 000 words
Available rights: all languages

Pablo Schmelzer

»Black and White, unite and fight«
The West German Leftist Movement and the Black Panther Party
»Black and White, unite and fight«
Die deutsche 68er-Bewegung und die Black Panther Party

»A book that is absolutely worth reading and one that enriches discussions about the [leftist and student movement] of 1968.«
Werner Bührer, Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Schmelzer is to be credited with having dared to explore unknown terrain between barracks and campuses to give a voice to previously overlooked experience.«
Jörg Später, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Read more about this book in English in the current Foreign Rights Guide or in German on our website.

April 2021
552 pages
ca 164 000 words
Available rights: all languages

Oliver Eberl

Barbarism and the State of Nature
The Legitimation and Critique of State Order in the Context of European Colonial Expansion
Naturzustand und Barbarei
Begründung und Kritik staatlicher Ordnung im Zeichen des Kolonialismus

»Eberl’s book impresses with its clarity of thought and transparent approach to the history of ideas. The author does not mince words when it comes to the far-reaching consequences of his historical findings for the present. He shows how both the justification and the critique of state order have been aligned with a conception of barbarism that was shaped by colonialism—and remains so to this day.«
Milos Vec, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Read more about this book in English in the current Foreign Rights Guide or in German on our website.

Out of Action: Life and Death of »Communist Prisoners« in Vietnam’s American War, 1965–1973

Marcel Berni
442 pages, 160,000 words
September 2020
Available rights: all languages

Recipient of the André Corvisier Prize 2020, awarded for an outstanding doctoral thesis in military history by the International Commission of Military History.
»Berni … warns against monocausal explanations, instead discussing a cluster of causes, including structural and situational, institutional, group dynamic, and individual factors. The result is a study of great importance, far beyond the Vietnam War, for the history of violent ›asymmetric wars‹, and a book that should certainly be published in English.«  Christian Koller, Portal Militärgeschichte

Die »Judenfrage« im Bild. Der Antisemitismus in nationalsozialistischen Fotoreportagen

Harriet Scharnberg
ca. 130 000 words / 443 pages
95 images
September 2018
Available rights: all languages