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In this section you’ll find information for publishers, editors, and agents interested in acquiring translation rights to our titles. We would be delighted to provide further information such as reviews or a book prospectus in English or a reading copy of any foreign-rights title you would like to consider. Many of our books have received Geisteswissenschaften International awards, which come with complete funding of the translation from German. Please contact us for details on this program or other possible subsidies.

Follow this link to download the current Foreign Rights Guide (pdf) with upcoming books and recent highlights for which translation rights are available. See also two separate lists presenting our series »Studies in the History of Violence« and the »kleine reihe«—hardcover, vest-pocket volumes with texts that address today’s controversies, reinterpret theories, or revisit historical issues. Please also have a look at our list of backlist titles of special interest for international readers (pdf).

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Foreign Rights
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August 2017
656 pages
203 500 words
Available rights: all languages

Hedwig Richter

Modern Elections
A History of Democracy in Prussia and the U.S.A. in the Nineteenth Century
Moderne Wahlen
Eine Geschichte der Demokratie in Preußen und den USA im 19. Jahrhundert

»Hedwig Richter's book fills a gap in comparative inquiries into nineteenth-century elections and is a milestone in the historical study of suffrage and voting practices.«
Thomas Kühne, Professor of History, Clark University

»...tremendously rich in detail and at the same time entertaining ... In describing these election practices, Richter reads many established narratives against the grain.«
Florian Meinel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Read more about this book in English in the current Foreign Rights Guide or in German on our website.

January 2018
464 pages
140 000 words
Available rights: all languages

Ute Daniel

Politics and the Media in Twentieth-Century Germany and the United Kingdom
Politik und Medien im 20. Jahrhundert

Historian Ute Daniel examines the shifting, often unpredictable relations between politicians and political journalists from World War I to the 1980s through the lens of key episodes in the history of Germany and the United Kingdom. Double chapters probe and contrast the role of the media during World War I, conflicts between conservative political leaders and press moguls in the interwar era, the Profumo and Spiegel scandals of the 1960s, and policies on public and commercial television in the two countries.

Daniel reveals how media-politics interactions in Germany and the UK were marked by a “confidentiality cartel” — strategic, exclusive collaboration to benefit both sides, despite all friend-foe perceptions. In the UK, male leaders from politics and the media (women were almost completely absent in both spheres for most of the period) maintained close professional and personal contacts even before 1900. Such networks were unthinkable in Germany, where journalists’ status was long viewed as too low to allow access to the upper echelons of politics.

Frontbeziehungen. Geschlechterverhältnisse und Gewaltdynamiken in der Roten Armee

Kerstin Bischl
350 pp., 180,000 words
March 2019
Available rights: all languages

Die »Judenfrage« im Bild. Der Antisemitismus in nationalsozialistischen Fotoreportagen

Harriet Scharnberg
ca. 130 000 words / 443 pages
95 images
September 2018
Available rights: all languages