Bruce E. Bechtol

Bruce E. Bechtol, Jr., PhD, Assistenzprofessor für Nationale Sicherheit am Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) der US-Luftwaffe.
Neuere Veröffentlichungen: North Korean Nuclear and Missile Issues and the ROK-U.S. Collaboration: An American Perspective, in: Korea Observer, 35/1 (2004), S. 41–62; Who is Stronger? A Comparative Analysis on the Readiness and Capabilities of the North and South Korean Militaries«, in: International Journal of Korean Unification Studies 10/2 (2001), S. 1–26.
(Stand: April 2006)

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Paradigmenwandel des Kalten Krieges. Der Koreakrieg 1950-1953

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