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In this section of our website you'll find information for publishers, editors, and agents interested in acquiring translation rights to our titles. We would be delighted to provide further information (a book prospectus, reviews, etc.) or a reading copy of any title that you would like to review.

The latest of our numerous books to receive the Geisteswissenschaften International award are Sina Arnold’s »Das unsichtbare Vorurteil. Antisemitismusdiskurse in der US-amerikanischen Linken nach 9/11« (The Invisible Prejudice: Antisemitism Discourses and the American Left after 9/11) and »Tanz auf Messers Schneide. Kriminalität und Recht in den Ghettos Warschau, Litzmannstadt und Wilna« (Dance on the Razor’s Edge: Criminality and Law in the Warsaw, Lodz, and Vilna Ghettos) by Svenja Bethke. The two titles were selected by the jury together with other outstanding books from the humanities and social sciences in October 2017.

English-language rights to both of these book have already been acquired by North American publishers; the awards come with complete funding of the German-to-English translation. Publishers interested in reviewing the books for possible translation into other languages are welcome to contact us for a book prospectus and reading copies.

Follow this link to download the current Foreign Rights Guide (pdf) with upcoming publications and recent highlights. Information on further backlist titles of interest is available here (pdf).

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Keystroke Capitalism
Aaron Sahr

Keystroke Capitalism: Inequality and the Creation of Money

»Sahr has successfully identified the structures that privilege so few and put so many at a disadvantage. ... The way in which the author presents these issues, unravels the connections and structures, and elucidates the illegitimacy of the money-production privilege adds up to an outstanding piece of sociological scholarship.« — Stefan Freichel, Monetative Blog

176 pages,
€ 12.00
September 2017
Ute Daniel

Relationships: Politics and the Media in Twentieth-Century Germany and the United Kingdom

Lobby briefings and Pressekonferenzen, Profumo scandal and Spiegel-Affäre: An illuminating comparative analysis of interactions between the media and politics

464 pages,
€ 38.00
January 2018
Modern Elections
Hedwig Richter

Modern Elections: A History of Democracy in Prussia and the U.S.A. in the Nineteenth Century

»Hedwig Richter’s book fills a gap in comparative inquiries into nineteenth century elections and is a milestone in the historical study of suffrage and voting practices.« — Thomas Kühne, Professor of History, Clark University

»... tremendously rich in detail and at the same time entertaining … In describing these election practices, Richter reads many established narratives against the grain«. — Florian Meinel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

656 pages,
€ 42.00
August 2017
Capitalism and Moral Politics in Weimar Germany
Martin H. Geyer

Capitalism and Moral Politics in Weimar Germany: Who Was Julius Barmat?

The story of a European corruption scandal highlights conflicting perspectives on capitalism, democracy, and political norms in Germany between the world wars.

592 pages,
€ 40.00
March 2018
»Female Affairs«
Johannes Schwartz

»Female Affairs«: Female Concentration Camp Guards in Ravensbrück and Neubrandenburg

The female guards in Nazi concentration camps occupied a key position in the camp chain of command between male SS leaders and female prisoner-functionaries. These women were responsible for a considerable part of the violence routinely perpetrated against female camp inmates.

350 pages,
€ 28.00
March 2018
Volk, Volksgemeinschaft, Populism
Michael Wildt

Volk, Volksgemeinschaft, Populism

This book addresses urgent questions for democracies everywhere, as populist movements gain support: Who defines who belongs to »the people«? Why are demands for ethnically homogeneous nation-states on the rise? Historian Wildt argues that revived definitions of »the people« based on a purported shared culture must be countered with concepts of equality and citizens’ rights recognized globally.

160 pages,
€ 12.00
March 2017
The Conservative Impulse
Peter Waldmann

The Conservative Impulse: Change and the Experience of Loss

Peter Waldmann examines the »conservative impulse«—an unwillingness to abandon traditional convictions—by analyzing nine fascinating examples from diverse eras and from Asia, Europe Latin America and the Middle East. His exploratory study on transformation processes and conservative responses is a unique contribution to thinking on social and political change.

348 pages,
€ 32.00
March 2017
Money’s Promise
Aaron Sahr

Money’s Promise: A Practice Theory of Credit

Today's banks create money through lending: they »keystroke« new money into existence. This topical examination of the recent history of the world of banking and finance underlines the need for new sociological approaches to money.

392 pages,
€ 35.00
March 2017
The Invention of Terrorism in Europe, Russia, and the USA, 1858-1866
Carola Dietze

The Invention of Terrorism in Europe, Russia, and the USA, 1858-1866

»This study creates new foundations for research on the beginnings of modern terrorism and is also a substantial contribution to the history of the mass media in the nineteenth century.« — Friedrich Lenger, Department of History, Justus Liebig University Giessen

752 pages,
€ 42.00
September 2016
Rights sold: World English
Fateful Transformation
Thomas Medicus (ed.)

Fateful Transformation: Photos from Provincial Germany, 1933–1949 – The Biella Collection

A spectacular photo collection discovered in 2003 offers a sinister panorama of the years 1933 to 1949 in a small German town, from the rise and the establishment of the Nazi regime to its demise and the collapse of the »Volksgemeinschaft«.

312 pages,
€ 38.00
September 2016