About the Journal »Mittelweg 36«

Publication of Mittelweg 36, the bimonthly German language journal of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research, was begun in 1992. Mittelweg 36 offers its readers an opportunity to trace the progress and results of ongoing research projects at the Institute. The periodical also documents and initiates debates related to the issues investigated at the Institute with a focus on critique of current affairs and cultural developments. To date, some four hundred authors have contributed to such discussions. And in keeping with the Institute's use of forms of representation that transcend the traditional repertoire of social science research to employ images, exhibitions, and texts of various genres, the journal also incorporates these various forms of expression into its pages.

The literature supplement, as a permanent rubric of the journal, comprises essays and review articles presenting recent publications on issues from the social sciences and contemporary history and also portrays authors or outlines discussions of current interest in the English- or French-speaking world, based on relevant literature.

Each issue of Mittelweg 36 also includes, as a further regular feature, a selected incident from the Protest Chronicle, in which Wolfgang Kraushaar documents the history of social resistance movements in the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the first decade of its existence, the journal has succeeded in winning and maintaining the interest not only of a quite specific academic community, but also of a broader spectrum of interested readers. Mittelweg 36 continues to attract attention in the public arena and has become a recognized forum for debates on issues addressed by the social sciences.

Mittelweg 36 is also a partner of Eurozine ( www.eurozine.com ), a multilingual electronic magazine based in Vienna that links and promotes over one hundred cultural journals from all over Europe. Drawing on this network, Eurozine summarizes or publishes on its English language website selected articles from its partners as well as original contributions on pressing issues and literary texts in a variety of languages.